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(文献名) Great Britain. Public Record Office. Publicatins. Researches in foreign archives. Spain. 1485-1553. Italy. 1485-1672.

(出版者) Kraus

(出版年) 1964

(資料形態) Reprint

(所蔵機関) 福島大図

(資料解説) 英国公文書館の刊行物の重要な文書として、 11世紀から20世紀までに おける政府や行政機関の記録 - 年次目録(Calendars) がある。このな かには大法官府記録 (Chancery records) や 国家文書 (State papers) がふくまれる。前者には勅許状文書年次目録(Calendar of Patent Rolls) といった13-16世紀の公文書が、また後者には 16から18世紀にかけての植民地記録(Colonial records)や内政、 対 外政治 (Domestic & Foreign) に関する政府文書が含まれている。


(文献名) British documents on foreign affairs : reports and papers from the Foreign Office confidential print. pt. 2 . From the First to the Second World War ; ser. I . The Paris Peace Conference of 1919.

(出版者) University Publications of America

(出版年) 1983

(所蔵機関) 金沢大図

(資料解説) 19-20世紀, 世界の政治・経済を主灘した英国の在外公館は本国に対し 各国の国内外情勢を定期報告しました。 これらレポ一トを作成する際 に外交官たちは 新聞演説政治ビラ、政府文書、経済統計、人口統計、 要人との公式・非公式の面談など広苑な悄報源を駆使し時には これら は参考資料としてレポ一Dに添付さ れたりしました。そのためこれら 資料はその時の国際関係、 外交、政治経済社会文化の研究にとり卓れ た同時代的分折を提示すると 同時に第一級の原資料をも提供していま す。 この文書集成は19世紀中頃から第二次大戦にいたる急送公文書、 電報、英国政府内部の限定配付報告等の機密文書を収録して 世界各国 ・各地域の国内情勢および国際情勢に閲する同時代的視点を 記録する ものです。 数千巻にのぼる機密文 ConfidentialPrint を斯界一級 の編集陣が 415巻にまとめそれらを7つの地域一一ロシアソ連、中近東 、北米、 中南米、アシア、ヨ一ロッパ、アフリカ一一に再縞集 さら に各地域シリ一ズは19世紀中葉から第一次大戦を力パ一する Part 1 と両次大戦間を力パ一ずるpart2より構成ぎれてい ます. 地域シリ一 スのほが4つの主題シリ一ス一一第一次世界大戦 1919年のパリ平和会 議、国際連盟、経済問題、文化的プロパガンタ、 英国外務省の改革一 一が続きます。

(文献内容) The collection contains, :Supreme Council Minutes, January - March 1919 :Supreme Council Minutes, January - March 1919 :Supreme Council Minutes, March - July 1919; British Empire Delegation :British Empire Delegation Minutes, March - June 1919; Reports of Peace :Reports of Peace Conference Commissions : Internal conditions in Germany; Saar Valley question; France and the Conference Conference Commissions :France and the Conference; Belgian claims; the Schleswig - Holstein question; Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the Peace Treaty :Portugal, Spain and the Peace Treaty; African questions; Morocco; Germany and the Treaty :The United States and the treaty, minutes of the Committee on New States and the Future of Danzig :The peace settlement and Poland, and the Baltic states ; British policy towards Russia and the future of Austria :The peace settlement and Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Roumania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Yugoslavia and Italy ; the Fiume isse Minutes, January - March 1919 :The Turkish settlement and the Middle East ; the Far East :Minutes of the Supreme Economic Council, June-Aug. 1919 and of the Allied Blockade Committee, 1 Oct. 1918-17 Dec. 1918 :The Far East ; Minutes of the Supreme Economic Council, Feb.-May 1919 :Minutes of the Allied Blockade Committee, Dec. 1918-Jan. 1919, of the Enemy Exports Committee, Feb.-Apr. 1919, of the Sub-Committee on Germany, Apr.-July 1919 and of the Financial Sub-Committee, Feb.-July 1919 :Appendices to Financial Sub-Committee Minutese ; Minutes of the Permanent Committee of the Supreme Economic Council, Sept. 1919-Feb.1920 and to Occasional Meetings of the Supreme Economic Council, Sept. 1919-Feb. 1920 :The Soviet Union, 1917-1939


(文献名) Calendar of letters, despatches, and state papers, relating to the negotiations between England and Spain, preserved in the Archives at Simancas, Vienna, Brussels, and elsewhere. Vol.7-13. 1485-1558.

(出版者) Eyre and Spottiswoode

(出版年) 1899

(所蔵機関) 都立大図

(部分所蔵) 東大文(西史): V.7-13. 1544-1558

(文献内容) Contents, :Vol.7. 1544: Henry VIII. 1899, ed. by Pascual de Gayangos :Vol.8. 1545-1546: Henry VIII. 1899, ed. by Martin A. S. Hume :Vol.9. 1547-1549: Edward VI. 1912, ed. by Martin A.S. Hume :Vol.10. 1550-1552: Edward VI. 1914, ed by Royall Tyler :Vol.11. 1553: Edward VI. and Mary. 1916, ed by Royall Tyler :Vol.12. January-July, 1554: Mary. 1949, ed by Royall Tyler :Vol.13. July 1554-November 1558: Philipand Mary. 1954, ed by Royall Tyler Compiled by Great Britain Public Record Office.


(文献名) The quest and occupation of Tahiti by emissaries of Spain during the years 1772-1776 : told in despatches and other contemporary documents

(出版者) Hakluyt Soc.

(出版年) 1913

(所蔵機関) 東大図

(文献内容) This is in 'Hakluyt Society publications, ser. 2, vol. 32, 36, 43. Translated into English and compiled with notes and an introd. by Bolton Glanvill Corney. 3 vols


(文献名) The quest and ocupation of Tahiti by emissaries of Spain during the years 1772-1776. Told in despatches and other contemporary documents. vol.1-3 (Works issued b the Hakluyt Society. 2.ser., no.32, 36, 43)

(出版者) Kraus

(出版年) 1967

(資料形態) Reprint

(所蔵機関) 早大図

(文献内容) The collection, originally published from 1913 to 1919 and translated into English and compiled with notes and and introduction by Bolton Glanvill Corney, contains the diary of Maximo Rodriguez in the third volume.


(文献名) Akten zur deutschen auswartigen Politik, 1918-1945. Aus dem Archiv des Deutscher Auswartigen Amtes. Baden-Baden, impr. nationale, 1950-. Ser.A:1918-1925, B:1925-1933, C:1933-1937, D:1937-1941, E:1941-1945

(出版者) Vandenhoeck

(出版年) 1982

(所蔵機関) 東京経大図 京大法 福岡大図 国会図法律政治課 関学大法 茨城大図 専修大図(神田) 法政大図 都立大図 一橋大図 明大図 成蹊大図  立正大図 武蔵大図 上智大図 東京外 語大図

(部分所蔵) 横国大社会 Ser.A 山口大養:Ser.B-C 早大図: Ser.B,D,E 西南学 院大図,大阪市大図:SERIES D(1937-45)

(資料解説) ドイツワイマール共和国期から第三帝国における 外交文書集。

(文献内容) Some of the topics of the collection are, Deutschlands Beziehungen zu Frankreich, Grossbritannien, Belgien sowie deutsche Entwaffnung, Reparationen, Volkerbund und internationale Abrustung.; Deutschlands Beziehungen zur Sowjet-Union, zu Polen, Danzig und den Baltischen Staaten.; Deutschlands Beziehungen zu Sud und Sudosteuropa, Skandinavien, den Niederlanden und zu den Aussereuropaischen Staaten.; Von Neurath zu Ribbentrop (1937-38),; Tschechoslowakei (1937-38); Spanische Burgerkrieg (1936-39),; Die Nachwirkungen von Munchen (1938-39),; Sudosteuropa Lateinamerika (1937-39),; Die letzten Monate (Wochen) vor Kriegsausbruch,; Die Kriegsjahre (1940-42).


(文献名) Public Records of Great Britain. Public Records Office. 1.American Loyalist Claims. (Exchequer and Audit Department, American Loyalist Claims 1776-1831 Series I; Exchequer and Audit Department. American Loyalist Claims 1780-1635. Series II) 2.British 19th Century Riots and Disturbances, 1812-1855. (Home Office, Correspondence and Papers. Disturballces.1612-1- 655) 3.China.(Foreign Office, General Correspoodence before 1916 China,1815-1905. FO 17.1-1306.1815-1878. 4. Europe 18th Century, British Military Expenditions (State Papers, Foreign,Military Expenditions 1695-1763. 5.Europe 19th Century,Conferences. Foreign Office. General Correspondence before 1916, Continent,Conferences,1814-1822. Foreign Office, General Correspondence before 1906. Archives of Conferences, Continent 1813-1822. 6.Europe 19th Century, Schleswing-Holstei- n. Foreign Office, General Correspondence before 1906. Supplement to General Correspondence 1780-1905. FO 97.120-155,Denmark,The Schelswing-Holstie Question,1851-1864. 7.Jacobite Rebellion,1745. Treasury Solicitor, The 1745 Rebellion Papers,1745-1753. 8.Japan. Public Record Office, Gifts and Deposits,Satow Papers (Diaries 1861-1926) 9.Middle East. Foreign Office, War of 1914-1918,Arab Bureau Papers, 1911-1920. Foreign Office, War of 1914-1918,Jedda Agency Papers, 1913-1925. 10.North Amerca. Militar Dispatches, 1755-1783. Foreign Office, General Correspondencebefore 1906, United States of America, Series 1, 1782-1795. Foreign Office, NCID:BA01695411 General Correspondence before 1906, United States of America, Series 2, 1793-1905. F05. 1334-1351,1427,15- 35,1-556,1599,1706-7, 1745-6, 1776-80, 1816-20,1861-3,1928-32, -1975,2044,2359 The Fenian Brotherhood 11.Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs. Foreign Office, Private Collections,Minis- ters and Officials, Various,1824-1949. F0800. 115-146. Landosdowne Papers, 1898-1926. 12. Slave Trade Africa. Foreign Office, General Correspondence before 1906,Slave Trade 1816-1892. FO 84. 1-1939. 1816-1888. 13. Spanish Civil War. Foreign Office, International Committee for the Application of the Agreement regarding Non-Intervention in Spain,1936-1939. 14. War of 1914-1918. War Office, Inter. Allied Armistice Commission,1918-1920.

(出版者) Kraus

(資料形態) microfilm

(所蔵機関) 紀伊国屋書店

(資料解説) イギリス、パブリック・レコード・オフィス (PRO公文書館)資料マ イクロ版. イギリス公文書館 (PRO パブリク・レコード・オフィス) は、 1838年の法律により、 法的文書および政府文書の中央保管所と して設置され, 11世紀から 今日に至るまでの政府諸局部、諸法廷、そ の他の公共諸機関の 記録文書を収集・保管しています。本資料は、K- raus 社が 製作したマイクロフィルム版文書の 分類別リストで、 項 目・地域により選択・整理したものです。


(文献名) Akten zur deutschen auswartigen Politik, 1918-1945 3 vols. Bd.1: Polen, sudosteuropa, Latein-Amerika, klein- und Mittel-staaten, 1937-1939. Bd.2: Deutschland und die Tschechoslovakei, 1937-1938. Bd.3: Deutschland und Spanische Burgerkrieg, 1936-1939. (An East European Collection in Western languages. 3886 titles )

(所蔵機関) 北大図 独協大図


(文献名) Documentos ineditos muy raros para la historia de Mexico. 1810-1863.

(出版者) Bibliotea-Porrua

(出版年) 1974

(所蔵機関) 東京経大図 神奈川大図


(文献名) Historical documents relating to Japan in foreign countries; an inventory of microfilm acqusitions in the Library of the Historiographical Institute (Shiryo Hensan-jo), University of Tokyo.

(出版者) Kokusai Print. Co.

(出版年) 1963

(所蔵機関) 京大人文研 筑波大図 早大図 成蹊大図

(資料解説) 日本関係海外史料目録。 オランダ国所在文書などが含まれる。


(文献名) Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of Spain, 1910-1929. 38 reels Compiled by United States. National Archives and Records Service & United States. Department of State

(出版者) National Archives and Records Serv

(出版年) 1985

(資料形態) microfilm

(所蔵機関) 都立大図 慶大図 東大法


(文献名) Despatches, correspondence, and Memoranda of Field Marshall Arthur Duke of Wellington, K.G. 8 vols. Jan.1819-Dec.1832.

(出版者) Kraus

(出版年) 1973

(所蔵機関) 南山大図


(文献名) Coleccion de documentos ineditos de America y Oceania. 48 vols. Madrid, 1884

(出版者) Kraus

(出版年) 1966

(所蔵機関) 札幌大図


(文献名) U.S. Military Intelligence reports Italy, 1918-1941. 9 reels with printed guide.

(出版者) Univ pubs of America

(出版年) 1985

(資料形態) microfilm

(所蔵機関) 関学大法

(文献内容) Between 1918 and 1941, Italy dramatically increased its military strength, its expansionist ideology, and its sense of national unity under Mussolini. These events built on ultimate defeat in World War II. This collection consists of these critical years. Some of topics are: the conquest of Ethiopia 1936, the Spanish Civil War, the Fascists' march on Rome in 1922, socialists and fascists 1921, Mussolini and the soviets 1925, Internal political unrest 1930, anti-japanese campaign in the press 1935, armistice terms between Italy and France 1940, and so on.


(文献名) Spanish Civil War FO 849 Foreign Office, International Committee for the Application of the Agreement regarding Non-Intervention in Spain, 1936-1939. 48 reels. (Series complete) Public Records of great Britain. Series 1 1972. In cooperation with the Public Record Office, London and Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London.

(出版者) Kraus-Thomson

(出版年) 1972

(資料形態) microfilm

(所蔵機関) 学習院法経 専修大図(神田)


(文献名) Confidential U.S. State Department central files, Spain: internal affairs and foreign affairs, 1910-1929: Foreign affairs. 1910-1929. 38 reels. Internal affairs, 1930-1939, pt.1: Political, governmental and national defense affairs. 66 reels. pt.2: Social, economic, communications, transportation, and science. 22 reels

(出版者) University Publications of America

(出版年) 1987

(資料形態) microfilm

(所蔵機関) 学習院法経 中央大図

(文献内容) The Central Files contains a wide range of materials from U.S. diplomats in Spain; special reports on political and mililtary affairs; studies and statistics on socioeconomic matters; interviews and minutes of meetings with Spain government officials ; court poceedings and other legal documents; full texts of important letters, instructions, and cables sent and received by U.S. diplomatic personnel, including translations of government documents, such as speeches memoranda, official reports, and transcripts of political meetings and assemblies.


(文献名) Correspondence of the Military Intelligence Division relating to general, political, economic, and military conditions in Spain, 1918-1941. Department of the Army. Military Intelligence Division. 12 reels National Archives and Records Administration , United States. National Archives and Records Service

(出版者) Scholarly Resources Inc.

(出版年) 1986

(資料形態) microfilm

(所蔵機関) 都立大図 学習院法経 東大法

(資料解説) 第二共和制および人民戦線期のスペイン(1918-1941)に関する 米軍情 報機関機密報告


(文献名) CIA Research Reports. Europe, 1946-1976. 4 reels with printed guide.

(出版者) UPA

(出版年) 1982

(資料形態) microfilm

(所蔵機関) 静岡大図

(文献内容) Some topics of this collection are: French Socialist Party Policy. Soviet Effort to Negate U.S. Aid to greece by sabotage and Guerrilla Operations. British Foreign Relations. Soviet Responses to U.S. Policy in Italy. Political Trends in Western Germany. General De Gaulle's Return to Power. Consequences of Communist Accession to Power in Italy by Legal Means. Political Consequences of Communist Control of Greece. Political Orientation of the West German State. Italian Workers Movement. De gaulle and French foreign Policy. Differences between President De Gaaulle and Prime Minister Pompidou. Vatican Polish Relations. France's Dialogue with the Soviet Union. Alleged Intention of President De Gaulle to Take Drastic Steps against NATO. France, the Soviet Union, and European Security.