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The International Legal and Political Documentation Center(Kokusai Hosei Bunkenshiryou Senta) attached to the Faculty of Law, University of Kyoto, was founded in 1979 with the purpose of furnishing professors and students who wish to do research in foreign law and politics or international law and politics with primary sources of foreign legal and political materials.

The Center possesses parliamentary papers produced on legislative process and primary sources related to political affairs in major countries in the world and international political publications by international organizations. Textbooks and monographs as well as legal periodicals and law reporters and statutes, however, are housed in our main law library.

In addition the Center is making a bibliographical database called POLEM, or POlitical and LEgislative Materials [Primary sources], for professors, students and librarians in all over the country. It helps to locate a document which they want to get.

Also the Center provides the Reference and Research Services Division which offers research consultations to faculty and graduate students. Faculty should contact the subject librarian for consultations. These consultations can include an introduction to databases and the internet amongst other things as well as telling or showing how to search books, serials and journal articles and giving some suggestions to students with other various kinds of requests, such as searching U.S. court decisions. Graduate students at the Faculty of Law can request a Research Consultation (RC) at the reference room. RCs are in-depth consultations focusing on a narrow topic. The librarian will set up an appointment with you to go over database sources (both print and electronic) which will be useful for your research.

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